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About 9Apps Games

9apps games have millions of android games completely free. they created multi categories, in each category they have thousands of games. So you can make your smartphone better by installing some of games. i would share some of top games, that are ready to download and play them online of offline. In the past 2015, 2016 and 2017 most of the people’s have crush on playstation video games. but these days are differents, everyone have playstation games in their on mobile. With the help of 9aps games you can download top and hot games with fast speed.

9apps games

9aap games have many type of new 3d games, action, adventures etc. The benefit of using 9apps games you will get all the games for free. As play store have free and paid games, but in this app you will get only free games. They care of their users by providing them everything for free. You can download this games application in your android device or pc.


How to Download 9Apps Games

You can download this games applications for free, with the help of our way. just visit our our website and find the download section. you will get all the information you may need to know. There are all the information related package name, size, and version etc. There is an another button for download, just simple click on that and you will get an amazing games application with full of games.

There is an another option when you open 9apps games app. There sorted some of games according to users rating. and named them “top games”. in this game category you will get a lot top and best games.

9Apps Games

If you are new to gaming world and you are not able to download any games from 9apps games. Then use our simple steps to download and play them. First of all, search which game you want to have in your mobile phone. Then click on the game, and then you will see an option with download button. Click on the button and your game will start downloading. And the speed of downloading is quite fast than other apk store.

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Game Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android

Doodle army 2: Mini militia is multi-user game where you can fight against different enemies on the amazing maps. This has become the most preferred party games of all youths. You can use a range of weapons to kill your rivals. In this game, you will manage a fun character, which you can pick among many different character. Move the hero on the field aching with unique jet boots. Fly failure, overcome obstacles and lead continuous fire from different weapons, from machine guns and sniper rifles to grenade launchers and flamethrowers. Practice in one-player mode and play with your friends.
While the one player is a bit disappointing. Mini Militia has organized itself on the multiplayer aspect. The one player consist of a tutorial on a principal controls and the likes and involves shooting robots to get a top score. But the multiplayer is where Doodle Army 2 shines. In LAN play, a total of six players can enjoy at once through Smartphone hotspot. Here you can pick any weapons you want and you can use duals as well. The user with the most kills wins. The same rules apply for internet play, but you gain points which you can use in store to buy upgrades such as grenades, etc. further, there are 2 points system, one for expertise which is dependent on how much deaths you average per game, and rankings – which you get paints for each kill you earn. A record is kept of your kill/death ratio as well as you can match with friends.
Design is habitually and independent linked with the war, and the soldiers gunfire theme. The developers rightly transferred it to the front players, hand weapons and the damage of specific for the sake of undermining the dangerous plan. This 9apps games has tailored familiar patterns, but already revolves around different player war, where every player, even if found on internet can become a malicious enemy or loyal ally.
Weapons and capabilities
Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia player is advised if you enjoy playing with different kind of weapons, the high threshold of entry and real competitive complexity. The players job is to participate in a multiplayer war, survival feature and open cooperative transmission places to memorize the basics of virtual war and get the highest pleasure.
Overall, Mini Militia is a sensitive operation with futuristic and modern weapons.
⦁ Lightweight
⦁ Amazing multiplayer
⦁ Free with in app purchases
⦁ No in app download necessary
⦁ Profile is saved on your Google account

⦁ No story mode
⦁ Average single player mode
⦁ Not an accessible in some regions
⦁ Too many weapons are for paid app only
⦁ Some maps are not conductive for play
⦁ In game hacks are too simple to get
The verdict
While Mini Militia is a modest at a glance, this game is cool. It brings out competitiveness of family and friends, making it a hot among school aged kids. The graphics, weapons, and full gameplay makes this a remarkable game and the internet experience impressive.

The Amazing Spider Man Game Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android

Hi everyone on this blog . We are going to give you the world famous Game, Name is


The amazing Spider Man game have in multiple device like Android Smartphone , iphone , iPad , Computer and much more device and this game has in few version like The amazing Spiderman , Spiderman, And more . The Amazing Spiderman is very popular game around the world.

Thousand of gamers play this game in this world and they would be glad to get this game without any payments and any serial key. All people are know ‘Spiderman’ is a Hollywood hit movie and here was the superhero who is Spiderman. Spiderman is simple boy who never accept any lie and always kill the Villain who give punished well simple people , he always help helpless person in the Spiderman look.

Well, billion child are like Spiderman and love him, and many people like this movie. Then ‘Spiderman’ release there movie , name is ‘Spiderman2’ And like this continue release some series .

amazing spider man game

The game was directed by Gerard Lehiany and written by Seamus Kevin Fahey . The amazing Spiderman game is serves as an epilogue to the Amazing Spiderman film . This game is very simple to play that tell you in bellow of this blog .This game graphics and sound are too amazing , No disturb when you play this game and you will feel that you are a Spiderman and your mission is kill the bad villains .

On the start game is easy to play but after when you going next and next level then you face more dangers villain. But if you play this game on your mind so you can win easily the levels . mostly this game like too much child who loved Spiderman . Spiderman is one of the game that you never bored whenever you play this game on your device . such question is never answered in the amazing spider man but the question of forgiveness stayed with me throughout the adventure and just not regard to Spider question. You see to enjoy the games you have to forgive its for many problem your.

spiderman android game

The amazing Spiderman game is flawed as it sure headed protagonist equal all parts much enjoyable , my feeling waver as i smacked down evil minded . The game has an open world . The combat system is reminiscent of the Rocksteady Studios , The Nintendo 3Ds version of the game are different game , also developed by Beenox. This game future is in HD .

game is perfectly design by this company . Spider man is at his best when he is soaring above the congested streets of new York .firing webbing at skyscrapers creates an incredible scene of slow motion and loco motion in part because of how well it re-present the way that i imagine it would feel to be in Spider man tights . The game start with a flash back scene on Spiderman first movie that release on 2012 , with Peter Parker (Spiderman) walking out of a convenience store .

Peter was the clerk , tells peter he has been robbed, and asks for help chasing the Villain . Peter ignore him and come back his home . Uncle Ben tries to look for peter on city street. Like this story begin and and come a time when people in denger then Peter come in Spider Man look. We can not give you full story of this movie but when you download this game from 9Apps You can know full story of the Spider man game .

download amazing spiderman game

Well known all people about this movie and also Spiderman all movie till Today . Well, Now we tell you how to you play this game ? When you download this game from 9apps then Install it on your phone or your device then open it and Play it , You can see the Introduction on our website below or The amazing Spider man games Side on main display , where you can see This game how many old , and you can got help from press Help Options. Or comment on below to solve any problem of this Amazing Spider Man game .

The Amazing Spider Man game was announced by NYC Comic Con 2013. Morality use in a new system known as ‘Hero or Menace’ where players will be rewarded for stopping crime for not consistently doing so responding or not . The players will able to upgrade Spider Man web shooters .the player will control Spider man alter ego Peter Parker and walk around doing detective work .

The game player always try to win , Early time you can lose and after some time whenever you tries to win then may be win and you complete Spider man mission Sussed. No cost need for this Game or no purchase for this , You can download it free and play it free.

spiderman game android apk

If this game want money for play so beware of this , may be this game will fake or scam . Offline game that’s good system , Your all family member can play this game at free time , give your child to play this game at once kids will too enjoy and happy, all age man can play this game.

No boring come whenever you play The Spiderman game .

We can help you to download this game for free , you can recommended to your friend to play this game at one time. Please Select your device , our system will choose the most suitable apk files. Bellow have how to download this game from 9appsapp.in

the amazing spider man game

Go 9appsapp.in
See ‘The Amazing Spiderman Game ‘ on main screen
Then download this game and install on your phone .
Play It and Enjoy .

Thank You !

Roll the Ball® – Slide Puzzle Game Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android

Roll the ball is an online game that you can play on browsers such as chrome and safari. You can also play the game on tablet (iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Samsung, and Window Phones) and Smartphone. Roll the ball online is an addicting puzzle game which you can enjoy in your free time. There are sixty different levels are waiting for you. Try to link the begin point and end point to make the ball slide into the exit. The aim is to work through levels of increasingly difficulty, solving brain-teaser puzzles by moving a variety of blocks into the right place. The expertise needed to the application include critical thinking, problem solving, and motor skills to utilise the central functions.
Amazing graphics
Roll the ball: slide puzzle has a perfect graphics. The color used are largely earth tones, but with a vibrant shade. The choices are also labeled perfectly so you would know quickly what they are for or it would be simple to find what you are looking for. The game usually would need you to move the tiles on the board to make way for the ball to run through the pipes and reach the finish goal, which is the riveted red title. What is best about it is that it has a perfect movement. The tiles movement at the direction you want a one swipe.
The basic gameplay is extremely easy to learn. If you love puzzle games, you might have enjoyed tile games before, although other games would generally need you to complete an image by rearranging the tiles. Anyway, this one has a bit of a twist as you would need to move the tiles with pipes so that the ball could pass via them, leading it to the finish goal. While it may seem simple to play, you would find it difficult and it would make you think. It could also be addicting as you would feel challenged to solve more puzzles.

Roll the ball game levels

There are different packs accessible including hard, medium beginner, extreme and advanced. This means that all kinds of users from newbies to puzzle pros would find this stunning. Additional, it is also something that you can still play as you better your skills as you could forever play the difficulty levels that you feel are right for you.

The Good

The best thing about it is that it is free on Android and iOS App. You will be capable to exercise your brain with this amazing game without spending anything. The movement of tiles is also perfect and the graphics is best to the eyes. It is challenging and it would keep you interested for a big time, especially it comes with various problem levels.

The bad

The free app has ads and hits may run out, which may tempt you to make an in-application purchase. The advertisements can also be removed by paying.

The verdict

Roll the ball: slide puzzle is a challenging, fun and addicting puzzle game that you can get for free. If you love this game genre and you would like to boost your brain, this is an amazing app to try.

Candy Crush Saga Game Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android

About Candy Crush Saga Game

Candy Crush Saga game is a puzzle game that entails making matches of three or more colored candy or jelly pieces. Player swaps candy pieces either vertically and horizontally, and once a match is made, the candy crushes, causing the neighboring pieces of candy to fall into empty areas. This sometimes causes a chain reaction,. candy crush saga game also tosses in barriers for players, like covering candy in jelly that must be eliminated before the candy can be matched. There are more than hundred levels of candy crush game which is very hard to complete in few days. It will take months or years if you play this candy crush saga game continuously.

Candy Crush Saga Game

Candy crush saga game is simple to learn and play, but quite a challenge to completely master. Players can take on the saga by themselves, or they may link with Facebook users to play against others to test their expertise and see who can dominate the leaderboard. Candy Crush Saga Apk is best for you and playable for kids as young as 5 years old, although they may experience difficulty passing some of the deeper and more improved levels of the game.
This permits players to begin playing the game for free, trip up on hard levels, and then either wait to resume playing, or pay to start again. You can also send out request for extra lifes to your Social networking friends, which permits the game to expand virtually across social media.

Candy Crush gets millions of users dynamically checking in on their application throughout the day, and players get over four hundred levels for free, if they have got the expertise and patience to power through them all.

Candy Crush Saga Gameplay

Candy crush saga mobile game is actually very simple to play in term of controls. All you need to do is swipe the display in order to gather candies. Anyway, you need to follow the instructions perfectly as challenges change every once in a while. If you do not read how you can finish a particular level, you may end up getting stick there for best.
This game also needs you to link to Facebook for a bunch of factors, once being that it serves as the leader board in which you beat your social media friends. Further, you will need to ask your friends for tickets in order to go to the next set of levels.

Candy Crush Saga Game Download

Candy Crush Saga Game Download?

Downloading this candy crush saga game is not hard as you think, its very easy to download candy crush latest version using our website or google play store. This game is made for android/apple. It means you can download and play this candy crush saga online. We have already mentioned its apk downloading link in our website so you don’t need to go anywhere to search this free candy crush game. Also you can visit google play store or candy crush saga official website to download this free soda crush game. I am here to share everything you need to know about its latest version updates, cheats, hack, story, tips & tricks to complete every level easily without having any other crack version or modded apk. Beware of duplicate and fake candy crush modified version or fake game. Which can cause your mobile and put virus on your android or apple phone. Try to download only from its official websote or google play store by checking its review and rate. By checking its review can help you to find real candy crush saga game for android mobile.

Candy Crush Saga Download

Candy Crush Saga Play Online?

Candy crush saga play online is simple using your pc laptop, But you need some extra software and setups to install candy crush game. As you guys know i have told you many times about bluestack. Which is very important and fast software to play candy crush online. By using this android emulator you can download your favorite unlimited games or apps and play them online without having any crashes or issue. We have already tried this online software on different type of pc versions and laptops. And we found it works on all of the windows. Like windows 7/8/10 or Xp. Even i am still using in my laptop to download my favorite games and apps online. But please try to use this software in pc with at least 4 gb ram.

Candy Crush Saga Apk

Install Candy Crush Saga Apk?

Install candy crush saga : First of all you need to download candy crush game free from our website. but there are 2 ways to install candy crush game on android mobile. If you have google play store in your mobile then this will be very easy to install candy crush game. You just have to choose your right candy crush now and click on install. google play have feature whereby latest candy crush saga will be installed automatically in your android device or pc/laptop or tablet. Second option is you need to download candy crush saga apk latest version from 9appsapp.in, after that you have to click on your game to install in your device. follow our simple steps below.

Steps To Follow

  • Just open your file manager and find the apk you want to install.
  • Tap On apk file and tap yes when it prompted.
  • After that click on device settings, tick on unknown source.
  • And now candy crush game have been installed in your mobile.

Defender 3 Game Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android

Defender 3 is an exciting and fantastic action packed game which is presented by the famous developers of the DroidHen. It is a remarkable game in which your expertise and abilities are to be tested. It is a sequel to one of the most installed and downloaded game whose main theme of the game remains the same as the previous one but with addition to some latest challenges and missions, in the game the deadly monsters are back. The game enemies become very strong which is led by the evil bosses. They forever try to invade the peaceful land. So you need to combine your warriors to take your weapons in order to demolish each and every enemy of the peaceful land. You need to better your defense and repel them with your magic and sharp arrows.
The top part of the game is that it can be played with friends by linking it with the multi-players gaming mode. As you proceed in the game you will be capable to unlock and upgrade your weapons and magic. Login into your Facebook ID in order to compete your progress with friends and you can also match the leader boards via linking it with the play games. Sync your game and the game simply between 2 gadgets. Now let’s view the important specs of the Defender 3 which are shown below.

Defender 3 features

⦁ Five epic and splendid scenes
⦁ Combination of four elements
⦁ Twenty varied monsters (four characteristic bosses)
⦁ Twenty strong bows
⦁ Thirty six gorgeous magics
⦁ More than five hundred levels to conquer
⦁ More than fifty skills to be explored
⦁ Four ultimate elemental are waiting for you to command
⦁ Compete with players all over the globe and present your amazing skills in the arena.

Better your army

⦁ Magic search more than forty splendid magical powers
⦁ Forge weapons, improve towers or bow to strengthen defense
⦁ Complete quests to recover mana quick

Defender 3 Game install for Android

⦁ Download the APK for Android
⦁ Once your Android gadget, go to setting> security> permit the unknown sources
⦁ Fill the APK downloaded on your phone and install it.
⦁ All done and enjoy.
This APK defender 3 for Android or iOS will raise the supply of resources to the maximum and the passing game will be more easy and fun. You don’t need to download the bad files or get jailbreak or root law. Just install APK in your phone and enjoy.

Advantages of Defender 3 Game android

⦁ Works for any platform like Windows, iOS, Android and Mac OS
⦁ You can produce unlimited amount of resources
⦁ You can use it multiple times in different gadgets
⦁ No need to install or download any virus software on your system/device
⦁ No risk of ban
⦁ User friendly interface
⦁ Daily updated script with new ones when ones are patched.
⦁ Works quickly one activated, no need to wait.

Coin Master Game Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android

Coin master is an action game that gathers a very amazing build style for Android. Let your Facebook friends and millions of users around the globe attack, dial and loot to construct your pirate village into the mightiest village. Try your luck fighting other players of this real game for Android. Explore a big globe. Place your bets, and watch pictures on slot matches from paylines. Get jackpot and become the treasure. Improve and develop your own village. Hit villages of other players, accumulate gold coins, rob enemies, and become the richest Viking in the globe.

Download Coin Master APK

Pirate games have never been not hot, forever creating their own charm and encouraging gamers to join. If you play the popular games of this genre such as Pirate Kings, Plunder Pirates or One Piece Treasure Cruise, you will understand that. In these playgrounds, in general, you will become a pirate (or robber) and earn cash by relying on luck or looting. Thus, you use that cash to build your island.


Designed with bright graphics, colors and charming pictures as an animated film, Coin Master creates best feelings for gamers as soon as they enter the game. In this gameplay, you can travel through time to go to the magical land and fight to become the top pirate, Viking, warrior, king or hippie. Users will play with friends and millions of other players around the globe, infiltrate their village and rob as much silver and gold as possible. There is forever a wonderful companion character such as cute pigs, brisk squirrels, powerful rhinos or fierce tigers. Each animal will have a unique ability, help each task effectively and support you become the richest.

Feature coin master game for APK Android

  • Get lots of coin by rotating coins or gold foil for you. It is easy to build a mighty pirate village and overcome challenges at different stages.
  • Dial up for spoils
  • Rotate your luck. Each time you dial, you can get extra hit time, money, looting or defense shields.
  • Lets become a coin master with the powerful town and village and own the most money.
  • Get a defensive shield to save your village from other pirates trying to hit.

Play with friends

  • Exchange your cards with the internet community to get all cards in one set. Join the quickest growing, very interactive Facebook community to meet new pirates friends, exchange treasures and earn big rewards.
  • Join with millions of international players
  • Fight your way to become the next Coin Master APK with your friends.
  • Download Coin Master APK free on any gadget with purchases section in the application.

Coin Master APK mod specs

  • Unlimited spins
  • Unlimited coins

Attack and loot other pirates

  • Lucky rotation is not just the only way to earn money and coins. Further, gamers can rob others. Plunder or attack from friends and enemies to earn ample money to build your village. No need to smash piggy bank.
  • Fight and win all enemies. Revenge those who hit your village and take back what belongs to you.

Ludo King Game Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android

Ludo is a board game played between kids, family, and friends. Recall your childhood!
Ludo game that traces its lineage to sixth century India, Ludo is derived from Pachisi game. Ludo is also extremely similar to Spanish board game Parchis.
Ludo game has stayed famous throughout the ages, varying only a little in its game structure. This persevering game is now accessible for you to play in all latest modernized formats.
The game is played between two to four players and you have the choice of playing the game against the PC, against your friends, or even against people from around the globe. The aim of the game is quite straightforward, each player gets four tokens, and these tokens must make a complete turn of the board and then make it to the finish line.
Whoever gets all 4 tokens to the end first is the winner. Anyway, each move can only be made based on the number decided by casting a 6-sided die, and each token can just move out of the their house by casting a six. Additionally, the game competition factor is upped by the fact that while moving if another competitors token lands on the same square as your token, then your token will mechanically be sent back house and you will need to roll a six again.
Ludo King was a classic game that was played by kings and now it can be played by you and your friends and family. While the game play might seem easy at first, the game is hugely challenging and enjoyable. You will be playing this one for hours and its fun for the full family. Try to beat your competitors and compete for the biggest score on the leaderboards.

Ludo king apk Android features

The principal rules for the game are based on the conventional ones which are being for so long while the game has so much to provide such as game models like local mode, multiplayer mode, CPU vs players and so much more. This makes you an addict and when you begin playing it, you are hardly going to prevent. To get the game, free ludo king apk download right now from our site and start all the fun.
Here is a list of some of the spec this game has to provide.
⦁ Pick your favorite color form 4 which are accessible
⦁ Ludo king has remarkable game models such as single player, multiplayer, and local mode.
⦁ In the local mode, you can play against your phone and friends.
⦁ Based on the classic ludo format
⦁ Best sound and graphic effects
⦁ Can be played both offline and online.

How to install Ludo king apk

⦁ Copy the download apk on your android gadget.
⦁ To install ludo king apk files from other sources you will have to go to Setting> security> permit unknown sources. Once you check this choice you will be capable to install the files.
⦁ Tap the APK downloaded to initiate the installation process.
⦁ After competition, start Ludo King and can destroy your rivals ruthlessly. Because Ludo is something we take extremely seriously.

FIFA 18 Game Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android

The FIFA 18 launch date is set for 29th September, and there is a way that you can play it early with EA access and when you purchase the unique edition of the game that arrives 3 days earlier.
EA remains completely committed to the journey with season 2 taking Alex Hunter to new heights and putting you into fresh challenges that you will need to navigate.
This is focused on the game release for the PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and Xbox One. There is unique Nintendo Switch FIFA launch that is not the same game.

Release date

The FIFA 18 launch date is 29th September for all players, but if you purchase the special icon edition you get to play 3 days early. The FIFA 18 Icon edition launch date is 26th September. Although it is not the same version of FIFA, FIFA 18 Nintendo Switch launch date is also 29th September.
Origin Access and EA Access subscribers get a FIFA 18 trial 5 days before the public release. That means you can enjoy FIFA on PC and Xbox One on 21st September. This is 5 days before the early access that comes with the unique edition. EA verified this date and typically this arrives in the middle of the day.

New FIFA 18 features

Alex Hunter is back for season 2 of the game. In this mode, you will continue where you left off in FIFA 17. If you are only picking up FIFA 18 without playing the previous part of this story mode, expect a fast catch up or watch the story parts on YouTube.

Here is what is new in FIFA 18

New dribbling mechanics
My Journey season 2
4k gaming and improved graphics
Team styles influence play
New dribbling mechanics

FIFA 18 apk for Android

APK files permit you to bypass carriers to get the new Google updates, which can take an annoying amount of time to arrive via an over-the-air update from your network. And if your Android gadget lacks access to the Google Playstore, APK files may be your only choice for installing applications on your gadget.

How to install FIFA 18 apk

Firstly, you must find a FIFA 18 apk file. Search online for an apk file and download it. Before you can install on your mobile you will need to ensure that 3rd party applications are permitted on your gadget. Go to Menu setting> security> and check unknown sources to permit your mobile to install applications from sources other than the Google Play Store. If you like, you can download an application like ES File Explorer so you can simply find files on your Android gadget.
Find the FIFA 18 APK FILE, tap it, and then install it. And now you are done. Congratulations, you have your application. Just open it up from your mobile and ensure it works rightly. If it does not, repeat the process with a different FIFA 18 apk. You may have to try a different APK site.