Mobdro APK | Free And Premium Version Download For Android & iOS

Download Mobdro APK for Android Smartphones and tablets and watch or download all kind of movies and videos. With the help of Mobdro App, you can watch online movies, TV Shows, serials, videos, events channels and sports shows without paying anything.

This application is not completely free it has two version freemium and premium, and both versions have different features. Using a freemium version of Mobdro you will not get all the features as they are available on premium version.

What Is Mobdro Apk?

The app is developed for watching free movies online right using our Android smartphone and iOS devices. There are more apps that are similar to Crackle, Showbox, PlayBox, Movie HD app, Popcorn time, YouTube app. But Mobdro has unique features than all others app.

And the Mobdro is the best and popular streaming application on the web for all of the platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. The app is fast and simple to use without any issue. It provides daily fresh and unique movies and entertainment-related show in HD Quality. Even you can create your own list of movies for watched and watch later. There is an option for reducing quality or increase quality so you can watch in SD or HD quality anytime.

When you have lots of movies on the Mobdro app and you are confused which one should be play or stream. But it has more features for this you can easily sort the top movies by rating and save them in your playlist so later you can watch or stream them on your Android Phone.

What Is Mobdro Apk

Its only available for Android & iOS devices, but its also available for iPad and iPhone as well. If you think Mobdro is not compatible or not developed for PC then you are wrong. It’s not developed for PC/Desktop but using Android emulators you can also enjoy the application on your PC/Laptop anytime.

Download Mobdro For Android

If you are confused or facing any problem during installation on your Android device then don’t worry Because I am going to share very simple and fastest way to install Mobdro Apk on your Android device. Even you can also install other Android apps and games APK files using my simple steps.

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources: You have to allow installation from unknown sources as you know the Mobdro application is not available to install on Google Play Store. So in this condition, you have to use outsources like 9appsapp to download .APk file and install it on your Android mobile.

To do that open Settings of your Device and now open Security. And scroll down and find Unknown Sources and Make a tick mark to allow installation from external sources.

Unknown Sources

Step 2: Just download the Mobdro apk file below is the line given or you can use it is an apk store provide you the safest and clean apk file. When you download the app file it will be free to use but if you want to activate more of its features then you upgrade the premium version. The file size of the APK is 20 MB and the current version is Mobdro APK 2.0.28 which supports Android 4.4 and above version.

Step 3: Once you have downloaded the Apk file, then open the file manager and install mobdro app by double-clicking on the APK file. After that, it will redirect you to the installation process and install it.

Step 4:  Your mobile phone or tablet can ask the permission of installation, so you can use the Step 1 to confirm the security and install it. Once installed make sure to switch off or disable the unknown sources.

Download Mobdro For PC – Run Mobdro APK On PC

In this section, I am gonna reveal a very awesome Android emulator that can help you to install  Mobdro on PC. With the help of the Bluestacks Software, you can install any of Android apps and games free of cost without any extra requirements. Using this software you can watch all of the shows and movies you wanted to watch on your PC. Just by downloading this Awesome Android emulator and install mobdro for PC/desktop, and Mac Windows.

Please follow our simple steps to install mobdro application on your PC

  • First of all, download the Bluestacks software on your PC and install it. (once you have downloaded)
  • Now download mobdro.apk file from the official website or link is given below.
  • Now navigate to apk file and right click and open it with blustacks installer.
  • Mobdro will be installed on your PC.
  • You can stream and watch movies and TV serial etc using your PC.

The mobdrod latest version also supports KODI software. So you can also use Kodi software instead of bluestacks. Mobdro on Kodi can be installed easily just with few simple steps. And Kodi can run all of the content of mobdro on windows.

How To Setup Or Install Mobdro On Smart TV?

Recently mobdro has launched TV interface for the smart TV users. Its also works on Android smartphone TVs like Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Sony etc.

  1. First of all, open the settings of your Smart TV.
  2. Find the Uknown Sources option and turn it on.
  3. Now download the Mobdro 2.0.52 APK file.
  4. Go to the file manager of your Device.
  5. Open the downloaded/saved apk file. And it will be started installing on Smart TV.

If you are not using Smart TV or you don’t have then you can use Amazon FireStick or Chromecast.

WhatsRemoved APK | Now Recover WhatsApp Deleted Things

In the October an app was created that allows users to delete sent messages and that feature was amazing and appreciated by many. By looking at the app popularity developers saw an opportunity to develop an app that can help you to retrieve and read delete WhatsApp messages, pictures (photos), media and voice recordings. And they successfully developed and named it WhatsRemoved APP.

With the use of WhatsRemoved App, you can get to know and recover deleted messages, pictures, videos etc. And this app also can help you to prevent getting cheated with your boyfriend and girlfriend. The WhatsRemoved app has been released and peoples are being crazy for this application.

As everyone knows many of the people will be happy and some of can be angry with this app. Because WhatsRemoved App can show their deleted WhatsApp messages, voice recording and many things which they don’t want to show.

WhatsRemoved APP

But using WhatsRemoved Application you can also check your husband or boyfriend activity and save yourself with upcoming disaster 😀

How To Download WhatsRemoved APP & WhatsRemoved APK?

There are two different ways to download and install the application on your Android device or iOS/iPhone device. And the method is you can install WhatsRemoved App directly from Play Store which is completely free to install on Any of Android device.

And the second method is to download WhatsRemoved  APK and then install it. But for installation you may need guidance so below I am gonna sharing an awesome tutorial which will be easy to understand.

WhatsRemoved Application

But if you want to download WhatsRemoved APK file then make sure to enable unknown source. And disable Unknown Sources after installing WhatsRemoved Apk file on your Android device. Let’s Do it.

How To Install WhatsRemoved APK?

Hopefully, you have downloaded the WhatsRemoved apk file if not then download it right now link already given below. You just have to download WhatsRemoved apk and later install it. For installation check out the pointed tips.

WhatsRemoved APK

  • Download WhatsRemoved APK file.
  • Open Settings of your Device.
  • Then Security and enable Unknown Sources.
  • Now open the .apk file and tap on install.
  • Once apk file has been installed.
  • Make sure to disable Unknown Sources.

War Song (Warsong) – An English Version Of Japanese Android Game

What Is WarSong English?

War Song (Warsong) is a very popular Japanese Android game that is available now to download on Play store. It was developed and operated by SIXJOY and the main goal was targeted Japan Country. And now the game is also released in the English version, which can be installed from play store.

In War Song English Apk has 5 enemies and 5 team battles. You have to attack the opponent on the map, attacking the tower and turret, eventually destroying the opponent’s team’s crystal will be a victory.

It has more than 20 heroes of various races, such as knights, guardians, wizards, and elves, available. All the heroes have the different type of skills such as physical, magic, control type. There are six kinds of other roles (roles) of tank fighter, assassin, mage, marksman, and the main hero what time they have to activate the power and when should they attack the enemies to defeat them.


Warsong English

The heroes with more than 20 people can sing with a kind of attractive skins. The Warsong English Apk is completely free to download from us. And if you have a play store in your mobile then you can also install it from there completely free.

How To Download Warsong English Apk?

Warsong English Apk downloadable link is available at the bottom of the tutorial so you can download it easily with just a single tap. There are a lot of external websites where they provide War song Apk free of cost.

War Song

So just go to below and look for the download link if not appeared or it is locked by us. Make sure to unlock it, once it’s shared immediately you will get full access to download Warsong English Apk file from 9apps

Warsong English Game

You can also check its old and latest version history from apkpure apk, that is also available on 9apps store, its also completely free and provide the history of all applications and games free of cost.

How To Install Warsong English Game?

When you are going to download it from other types of external websites and sources. And you already have play store, so I will recommend you to install Warsong English Game from play store except going to other types of store.

War Song English

First of all, go to the Google Play Store and tap on the search bar, and type “Warsong English”, once you have found it. Make sure it is available in English version. Because there is two version of it Japanese and English.

If you are a none Japanese user then go with an English version. And tap on install button so it will be installed on Android device.

Warsong English Apk

How To Download Warsong English Apk?

Here I am gonna tell you the way I install Android apps and games Apk file. You do not need to connect an internet connection when you are going to install it. But you need an internet connection in order to play Warsong English Game on Android.

  1. Open Device Settings > Security and enable (on) Unknown Sources.
  2. Tap on download apk file.
  3. Now tap on install button.
  4. Wait for a while until its get installed.
  5. Now enjoy the game.

WarSong English

App Details

PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3+ iOS 8.0+
Size (APK + DATA / IPA)77M
Latest Version1.1.146
LanguageEnglish, Japanese

Howard Stern Mobile Website Developed Howard 360 APP For Android

Howard Stern Mobile is a website which was shut down as of Aug 13, 2014, By SiriusXM. SiriusXM is an Australian company who provides satellite and radio etc, and they forced the website owner to shut down the website because of some issue. And many people search this app with the name of Howard 360 APP.

The app is awesome for the news readers who read news on daily basis. As everyone is read newspapers but they only update the news next day but using this amazing application you will be updated every time when the news releases.

With the help of this Howard Stern App, you can be updated with the latest news and show and everything related Howard’s. You just have to download the app from Google Play Store because their official website is already closed that is the reason they developed Howard 360 Android App.

Howard Stern Application is available to download & install for both Android and iOS. And you can enjoy all the Howard’s News. Make sure you have a fast internet connection or mobile data on your Device so you could enjoy the video shows too.

How To Download Howard 360 APP?

Download Howard 360 App from Google Play Store, it will save your time even if you have 4g and 3g mobile data then the app would be installed in few seconds. But if you have a slow internet connection and still want to download or by any other issue you just want to download Howard 360 APK file then you can also download it.

There are lots of Android APK stores that provide an opportunity to download APK files completely even paid content also will be free if you are looking for then 9appS is the number 1 apk downloader website and application.

From where you can download any of paid android app and games free of cost.

How To Install Howard Stern Mobile APP?

Howard Stern Mobile app can be installed directly on your Android device with the help of Play Store. Using the app store you just have to search for the app and open it now tap on install. I hope you find all of the questions you want to know about the application.

Da Vinci Eye Apk | Anyone Can Draw Using This Paid App

Da Vinci Eye Apk is an android application so using this paid application anyone can draw anything easily and can draw an amazing picture. Even you can break down your pictures (photos) in layers. As you know the Da Vinci Eye app is not free to download and install.

You have to buy this Da Vinci Eye Application from Play Store at $1 = 65 INR which is a very cheap price. You just have to install Da Vinci Eye app on your Android device and using your camera phone you can draw any of picture on the Papers with the help of this amazing and awesome Da Vinci Eye application.

Da Vinci Eye Apk

How Da Vinci Eye APK Works?

The Da Vinci Eye Application is very small in size and easy to use using your Android phone or tablet device, just place your canvas behind on your phone or tablet. You just have to look through the camera and both canvas and image will be able to see at the same time. It will work like a projector or light board, but you can only able to see through the phone.

And another cool thing is you can zoom in and out both camera and the overlay image at the same time. With the help of this application, you can train your eyes to draw any images without any application after becoming a perfectionist in it.

Da Vinci Eye App

Every single point can be analyzed using Da Vinci Eye APK normally we draw any image and we make mistakes and we put nose and mouth in wrong place in the wrong way. Therefore the application is made for everyone so anyone can draw an image on the paper doesn’t matter if the person is the beginner or not.

Even you can customize images and combine two images into one layer… for example, you can place an animal head on over a human body.

Features Of Da Vinci Eye APK

  • You can create realistic drawing or paintings in any of size.
  • It will teach you how to draw and will make you perfect.
  • Also app video tutorial available.
  • The Da Vinci Eye App is not free, it’s paid.
  • You can add any picture that has on your Phone.
  • Apply filters to images make drawing easier.

Chunavana App – Polling Booth For Citizen of Karnataka

Chunavana is an application that helps you to know the information related to the election for Citizen of Karnataka. This application provides navigation to the Polling Booth from the user current location.
The user can also search using their Epic No. and find out their Polling booth and other information related to his/her Polling booth.

The Chunavana Android App is developed by the CEO of Karnataka which is available to download from Play Store. With the help of this app, you can know the exact location of Polling Both even the app will help you reach the location using GPS. There are currently 56696 polling stations and maps available.

How To Download Chunavana App?

Play Store

Chunavana App is very easy to download using from the Play store that is only usable for Karnataka citizens. The Android app is compatible with all of your Devices with more than 4.5 users rating. The app was recently released and uploaded to play store on 2nd May 2018 with active 10k+ installs.

So if you are looking to download and install Chunavana app, then open play store and tap on the search (find) bar. And type “Chunavana” and open it. Make sure to check the developer of the app, so you can install real and latest version Chunavana app.

Chunavana App

iTunes Store

If you are looking to install or download Chunavana App for iOS/iPhone then you have to visit iTunes store. If the application is available to download then you can download it.

Just open the iTunes store and search for the Chunavana APP. Once you have found the app open it using your iPhone device. And install it by clicking on install.

How to Download Chunavana Apk?

You have tried a lot and searched everywhere and still did not know to download Chunavana APK, then you can download Chunavana Apk file using our website. Downloading the APK of Chunavana is very easy to download and install. Check out the below guides to know more.

  • First of all, visit our website and search “Chunavana APK”
  • Once you found open it.
  • And scroll down until you find the download link.
  • Now Tap on the .APK link.
  • After downloading install it.

Chunavana APK

How To Install Chunavana APK?

You can install Chunavana apk very easily without any interruption. What you have to do is just download Chunavana APK file using above steps and make sure to unlock the download link before downloading.

Once you have downloaded make sure to install it using our simple tips which is described below.

  1. First of all, enable the Unknown Sources.
  2. To enable open Device Settings > Security and enable it.
  3. Now go to the file manager and search for Chunavana.APK file.
  4. Tap on it and install it.

SIMULACRA Apk | A Mobile Horror Game For Both Android & iOS

SIMULACRA is a spiritual sequel to the extremely acclaimed mobile horror game. A woman named Anna and you will get a lost phone. And on the phone, you see a video message a girl cry for the help. And you don’t have any idea and you call her friends and they also don’t where she is.

You have to check the Emails, Texts and photo galleries, also you have to recover lost files, emails and others data so you can find her.

Simulacra Game

About the Simulacra Game

SIMULACRA is an immersive narrative mystery using the interface of a mobile phone. like any telephones, you have messages, emails, gallery and all kinds of apps to glance through. With a robust awareness of realism, the sport’s characters are performed by using stay actors and shot at real locations. Dive into Anna’s life as you look at her personal photographs, go through her relationship app or view her personal video logs.

Download Simulacra Game

Simulacra game is an another best game for the mystery and thriller fans. You can download the game easily using Play Store which is completely free to install. You just have to visit the Google Play Store and search for the Simulacra Game.

You just have to tap on the installation button and install it. Once installed you can enjoy the game.

Simulacra Apk

Download & Install Simulacra Game APK

  • Go to the and search for Simulacra APK.
  • Once you have found open the tutorial and read it out.
  • We have locked the game so you need to unlock.
  • Once unlocked download it.

Now its time to install Simulacra Game APK file which can be installed by the reading tutorial.

  1. Go to the Device Settings > Security and enable or tick on the Unknown Sources.
  2. Now open the file manager and navigate to the location where the Simulacra.APK file has been downloaded/saved.
  3. Open it and click on the install.
  4. Once installed, now disable Unknown Sources for the better security.

Mother’s Day Apk | Best Poems, Images, Wallpapers, Messages & Quotes

What Is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is the day when every single in the whole world celebrates the day with their mom. The day is very special for mothers so this day people wish to mom with special dinner and surprises. Mother’s Day is the day for all the mothers which is celebrated on 13th May 2018.

With the help of Mother’s Day APK, you can get lots of messages, poems, quotes, images, pictures, photos, wallpapers, and SMS. Everything is available in this awesome application just you have to install the app on your Android & iOS devices.

Maybe you are here because you want to share some mother’s day messages or mother’s day quotes or wishes but here I have an application for you which can fulfill all your requirements. It means you will get all the things you need in a single place without any charges.

Mother's Day

The Mother’s Day APP is completely free to download from Play Store and it has a very tiny size so it would not take much time to being installed. Also in the app, you will get lots of photos (pics) and wallpapers of 2018. All the Shayari’s, ghazal’s, poems, quotes, songs, Pics for the mother’s day is available on the APP.

The Mother’s Day celebrates in the whole world including UK, USA, Canada, India all the countries national and international. Using Mother’s Day APP you can know how to surprise your mother and how to celebrate this special day with your mother and what you can do to make this day special for your mother.

Mother's Day 2018

Every single thing has been described on the app without any charges, yes you will get all the things completely free without any advertisement and pop-ups. You just have to download the Mother’s Day APP and install it on your Android & iOS device from 9Apps. Also, you do not need to copy and paste the quotes and messages, there is an option for sharing so if you like any of quotes, poems etc you can share it just by clicking on the share button.

Using the sharing button you can even share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp and many more sharing platforms.

Features Of the Mother’s Day APP

  • Using the Mother’s Day App you will get everything for celebration purpose.
  • You can share Any of Quotes, Images, SMS, Poems, Wishes etc.
  • The Mother’s Day App size is very small without Any Ads.
  • The App is completely free to download and install.
  • Mother’s Day APP is available for both Android & iOS.

Intruder Mugshot Apk | A Selfie Taking Android & iOS Application

Intruder Mugshot App is an amazing app which is recently released for both Android & iOS Devices. The App came with new amazing features that take the selfie and named Intruder Mugshot APK. The app is awesome and used by many users and got lots of positive reviews.

The app is special which works better than a normal Camera, it also locks the phone so your friend and any relative cant be teased the App and your picture would be safe.

Intruder Mugshot is a home-security application that uses the camera and makes it your device safer. The app is easily available on the 9Apps store and play store so if you don’t want to download the app the use the Play Store. But if you cant install the app and you have its APK file.

Then you have to download the APK file and install it on your Android device. Even you can track who has unlocked your phone without your permission. So if you want to download and install the app then visit Play store.

Intruder Mugshot Apk

Even the app is also available to download and install from iTunes store for iOS/iPhone device. It is very easy to install the app from the app store. Just go to the iTunes store look out for the app in the store once you have found the app tap on install and install it.

Download Intruder Mugshot APK

Intruder Mugshot APK can be downloaded from 9Apps store for free without any extra requirement. Just you have to the store and search for the App on the search bar or if you have landed on the post. Then go to the below button and download the .APK file.

But before downloading make sure to unlock the locked file which is locked and can be unlocked by sharing the article with others on a social media platform.

How To Install Intruder Mugshot APK?

Here I will share the tutorial about to install the .APK file and you will know how to install Any of APK file easily and safely from any Unknown Source.

You can’t install the .APK without enabling the Unknown Sources which can be enabled by going to Device Setting > Security And enable it. Once enabled go to the file manager and find out the .APK file and open it and click on install.

Camscanner APK – Best Android Documents and PDF Scanner

Camscanner APK is one of the best scanner Apk on 9apps store with more 200 million active installs in more than 200 countries from all over the world. Using this simple and amazing application you can scan your documents and PDF files which is completely free and with clear images.

There are more and many interesting features are available in the app that makes it the perfect Camscanner app, but only registered users can scan the documents into a clear image. This app can scan any of the documents into a clean & sharp image.

Now take a look at below pointed features so you could know the more about this amazing and cool application

Camscanner APK

  1. The users can also use their device camera to scan their receipt, notes, business cards and invoice and other files easily and immediately.
  2. Even you can customize and optimize quality for smart cropping with auto enhancing to make the graphics look clear and sharp.
  3. Also by entering any of keyword, you can see the list of documents if the word exists in the title, description, and image.
  4. With the help of this latest technology Android application, you can extract texts from images Or edit them in .txt file.
  5. The Camscanner app also allows you share the PDF files and JPEG files In the same format using your Android device using social media, attachment in Email or send the document link.

Download CamScanner APP

If you are looking to download CamScanner App then you have your own choice to download the app from your favorite platform. I will suggest you download the CamScanner App from Google Play Store. Just you have to search the app using the search bar and type CamScanner once found tap on the download button so the app will be installed on your device.

Even the app can be downloaded from iTunes store which is completely free and ready to be served on your iOS/iPhone device. Just visit iTunes store and search for the app once found open it and click on the installation button.

Install CamScanner APK

  • Go to Settings of your Device and navigate to Security then enable the Unknown Sources.
  • Make sure to disable the Unknown Sources after installing the Application.
  • Now go to the saved .APK folder and open it.
  • Click on the install and enjoy the app.