Xbox App Party Chat Is Not Working And How To Fix It

Xbox App: Unite Your Family

The Xbox application unites your companions, siblings, Friends the whole family members, and achievements over Xbox One and Windows 9 & 10 Devices. The best multiplayer gaming just improved.

The Xbox app is just got better now. The newer versions are very great though. And people are using it for their good time. Hope you this Xbox App in your Phone & in PC.

Features: Whats New!

  • You are a gamer, take the benefit of it. Join Club or make your one club where all the gamers can play together.
  • • Find the player of your own choice and play games with them. Or you can find your Like-minded player and can have a battle between you and his.
  • You can track your Games, you can make a video of your game while playing.
  • For messaging to your friend on Xbox live keep the chat button active.
  • • Stream your most loved amusements, games, entertainment and much more from Xbox One to a Windows 10 with help of Xbox One Controller.
  • But friends here we will discuss the great and new feature of Xbox which is Xbox App Party Chat.
  • Get ready to chat with your friends, your companions, family members, and your homies.

Xbox App Party Chat

Xbox App Party Chat Available for Android & iOS

After the testing of App in many devices, Microsoft has at long last released Party Chat for the Xbox application on Android and iOS. Now by means of this players can chat with their gamer within a party means together. They can share their ideas, styles via text messages and also with Voice messages.

This app is just like other where upper side an option is available “Enter into Part” just click on that and you will enter into a party where you can see and send the message to others.

XBox App Party Chat Not Working {Fix}

First of all please make sure that the Firewall you have is not blocking the Xbox App.

The Xbox app takes almost 60-70 Mbs of your Android Mobile

Make you that you have proper Internet Connection.

Read a guide on How to set up Xbox App Party Chat in Android & iOS

Xbox App Party Chat Disconnected {Fix}

Is your Xbox App Party Chat got disconnected than we have a solution? There can various issue by which someone’s Party chat disconnects.

  • If your Xbox Party chats Disconnects restart your Laptop or Android Phone and then try again.
  • Clear your cache memory and then try again.
  • Reset your Xbox App.
  • Uninstall your app and try new updated App it might work.
  • It can be your Internet connection, before entering into Party Chat make sure of the Internet that it is connected or not.
  • Open Some Ports that are needed for Online Chatting.

Disclaimer: The Xbox live feature is only available for Supported games. Others features like Online Multiplayer and Game DVR require Xbox Live Gold subscription.

If you face any issue on Xbox Party Chat then comment here. We will solve it as soon as possible.

KissAnime App | Download Kissanime Apk For Android & iOS Devices

KissAnime App is an Anime downloader which is officially announced and released worldwide and the developer of AnYme said that you can use its app free of cost and without any ads. You can stream and watch HD anime show online using your own video player. And the KissAnime app is not available on play store and anywhere on the app market.

So you can download KissAnime APK from its official and unofficial website which is, even 9apps providing its apk file to download and install it completely free on your Android mobile and iOS device.

With the help of KissAnime application, you can get latest updated Anime videos on the daily basis. It also detects that how many episodes had been watched in past. Watch and download episodes using Kiss Anime apk.

KissAnime APP

Open schedule available so you can when is the show gonna coming and the time for the TV show. It’s the best android application right now and since the app released its followers and downloaders has been increased by millions.

Here are the questions you guys wanted to know about the Kissanime, that how to download it and if it’s not available on play store then where to download and what will be the procedure to install the APK file without having any internal issues.

Need To Know About KissAnime APK

So, first of all, I want you to know about the KissAnime APK which is completely free to use and download. And also they have many features that you always wanted to have in this application. You can stream and download the show without many efforts just by simple clicking.

Kissanime app is giving you ads free experience which means you will not see any kind of ads and pop up while you are watching and downloading the Anime show.

KissAnime APK

How To Download KissAnime Application?

As usual, the application is not perfect for the Google Play Store, because it has copyright contents that are not permitted to use in their application. And they are uploading someone else videos in their application so they can send DMCA notice to them including play store.

That is the reason they have removed the application from the play store. But for now, you can download it from the 9apps store which is totally free to download and install. And 9apps also providing the best experience ever, even you can download it from just by simple clicking.

KissAnime Application

We do not waste time like others by asking to complete a survey and then they redirect you to download some fake apps but here you can download it directly without any extra requirements.

I hope you have liked the tutorial and going to share it with others so they can also participate in 9apps and download this awesome application with too much entertainment.

Dream Of Desire APK | An Adult Game For All Devices

Dream Of Desire APK: It is an Adult game developed and published by Lewdlab, and peoples also call him Dr Sin. In the game has 12 episodes, and all the episodes of the game are amazing and enjoyable. Lewdlab loved playing adult games but he always finds some issue in other games. So he decided to create his own adult game.

And later he released Dream Of Desire Game which is free to play and you can download it from their official blog or

The Dream Of Desire game has been launched all over the world and it was downloaded by millions of users and most of the users from USA, UK, Philippians, Indonesia. As the game is adult so only 18+ Adult users can play and download this game. So if you have downloaded this APK file on your Android device so make sure to hide it from children.

Dream Of Desire APK

Because the game is so addicted and everyone would love to play Dream Of Desire game on their iPhone and Android device. The APK size of the game is a little bit high so you may be required the fastest internet connection if you wanted or wished to download it on your Smartphone.

And the game has 3000+ images in elite version, and all the actress is voice actresses, it means they speak and seduced players. You have complete freedom to play this game in your countries there is no restriction for downloading and installing Dream Of Desire APK on your Devices.

Download Dream Of Desire APK

How To Download Dream Of Desire Game?

If you are here because you wanted to download this game on your Device and you don’t have any idea or you are little but scared to download Dream Of Desire Game on your Device. If you have fear like it’s illegal game or your government will punish you if you play this game, then you are totally wrong.

You are completely free to download and install Dream Of Desire APK file on your iPhone/IOS and Android device. Even you can download and play this game on your PC too. But you may be required an extra software for this, Bluestacks is an Android emulator help you to download all of the android apps and games on your PC/Desktop.

Below I am going to share all of the instructions that how to download and install Dream Of Desire game on your device. So check out the below guidance and gameplay instructions to know more about this amazing and awesome game.

Dream Of Desire Game

  • First of all, go to its official website or 9apps to download Dream Of Desire APK file on your Android/Apple Device.
  • Once you have downloaded you need to install it on your device, so just make sure to save or download it on the safest location of your mobile phone.
  • Later go to the Device Settings > Security and make sure to tick mark on Unknown Sources.
  • Once you have done! Open downloaded Dream Of Desire.APK file and tap on install.
  • Now you have installed the Dream Of Desire game on your Android device now play this game and have fun.

9Apps For iOS | Download 9apps On iOS, iPhone & Apple

9Apps For iOS/iPhone: 9Apps is the best and popular application in all over world and millions of users downloaded and using it on their iPhone/iOS device. With the help of the 9apps you can use it as an application downloader and you can download all of the paid apps and games completely free on your iOS device.

As earlier I have told you 9Apps is own by Alibaba Group and they invested a lot of money to make it better than others. Even they focused on advertisement and they also run paid advertisement to reach out this application to everyone. And now it has become popular and everyone downloaded and using it on iOS/iPhone and Android device.

9Apps for ios is compatible with all of the iPhone devices and versions like iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 9 and iPhone 10, so you don’t have to worry about the app. Even the 9apps iOS is free to download and install. It will not ask any type of membership charges and other paid charges, you will enjoy the app free for life.

But before using 9Apps for iOS, you may need to know that 9apps not only provide you paid apps and games, even it will give you free ringtones, music, videos, themes, wallpapers etc.

Is 9Apps For iOS Safe?

Yup, 9Apps is completely safe to download and install. It will not harm your iOS device like viruses and malware. The iOS version using millions of users and they don’t have any kind of issue and complaints. If in case they found any type of issue and complaints they immediately take action against it. And solve it to make it better in future.

Already a big team is working on this iOS application, they always take care of their beloved users by providing them better experience and features.

Also, they update 9apps iOS version with more features and safety.

How To Download 9Apps For iOS?

9Apps for ios can be downloaded from iTunes store as it is completely free of cost, you don’t have pay to any single penny. But if you don’t find iOS 9apps version on iTunes store that means they have removed 9Apps from their Store because of policy violation.

But still, you can download its iOS version from which is free and safe to download. You just have to visit our store and search for the 9Apps iOS download link and tap on it in order to download 9APPS for iOS device.

Sabse Smart Kaun App | A Real Game Show Android App

Sabse Smart Kaun is a show which is telecast by start plus which is released on 4th June 2018. Also, they develop an Android application for this show, the app has been developed and published for winning purpose. If you want to win some money by not leaving your home and not to work for others. Then this application is a perfect way to win money offline.

You just have to answer some of the questions which will be asked on your television screen and you need to answer that question just by sending an SMS with the correct answer. If the answer is correct you will gain some point which can be redeemed later (convert that points into money).

Sabse Smart Kon show has been released on start plus,  even you can watch this show on Hotstar at 6:30 PM from Monday to Friday. Even Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan also started the game show, and many peoples got the benefit of this and became millionaires.

First of download the Sabse Smart Kaun App from play store which is the part of star plus. Once you have downloaded then go for next steps and install it. Later register an account and login with your correct details. Also, make sure you have added real details including name, address, mobile number etc. Otherwise, you won’t get any prize.

Sabse Smart Kaun App

If you want to win some money then you must have to download this application, which is very less in size. Even you can download this app on your iPhone/Apple and Desktop/PC devices.

Do you know how to download Sabse Smart Kaun APP?

Make sure do not download any kind of fake application which is available everywhere, they can put the virus on your Android mobile device. So be aware of it. You can use their official website or 9apps to download Sabse Smart Kaun App for free.

Yes this app is completely free, and you don’t have to pay anything in exchange for this. just download it and create an account which is also free.

  • First of all, download Sabse Smart Kaun Application.
  • And install it on your Mobile device.
  • Now create an account using your phone.
  • Fill up all the details, now enjoy the app.

Now wait for the show, Monday to Friday is the time for the show, so always be ready and make sure you give the answer of each question to win.

Katie Angel App | A youtube Channel Converted Into Applicaton

Katie Angel App has been just released by Katie Angel. She is an artist and working on youtube to create own content. She has been working on youtube since 19th May 2015 and became so popular and got 6 million subscribers. And recently she has launched her own youtube app which has been named Katie Angel App.

The app is now available only for Android device so you can only download it from Play Store and from her own youtube channel. She has been added a download link for the application on her videos, so you can also download it by clicking on the link which is provided in the description.

On her every video she gets millions of views, and most of the viewers are children. She is a vlogger and creates videos on her, like pregnant and sad, happy moments etc. With the use of her application, you can stream all of the videos and also download them on your mobile device.

Katie Angel App

You can also download videos by different quality, even in HD quality too. The app is awesome and easy to use and manage. You can also install the app from Google Play Store without any cost. And each video will be free to download and watch. You can also pause and resume the video if you want, also can be maximized and minimized.

How To Download?

You already know the way of downloading, and you also know that play store doesn’t provide the download link. you are only able to install the application. But anyhow if you have got its apk file then may need to download and install it manually.

Download Katie Angel App

  • First of all, download Katie Angel App from 9apps or its youtube channel.
  • Now open it, and tap on install button.
  • Once installed, you can enjoy the videos.
  • Even you share and like her videos.
  • Subscribe it, if you like her 😛

Nava Nirmana Deeksha App | Launched By Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister

Nava Nirmana Deeksha App is an Android application which is launched by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister On 2nd May 2018 for Andhra Pradesh. With the help of this app, every person of Andhra Pradesh can watch program and get all related updates of Nava Nirmana Deeksha. Even officers can send and get all the related information and latest updated news of Nava Nirmana Deeksha program.

Nava Nirmana Deeksha app is just released for Android & iOS devices which is officially announced and published by Andhra Pradesh Government official website

If you are from the Andhra Pradesh then download this application right now for your Android & iPhone mobile phones. But you do not have any idea that how to download and install. The app is completely free and you can download it for all of the devices like Android, iOS, PC, Desktop, Laptop, iPad, iPod, Tablet etc.

So let’s start and download it.Nava Nirmana Deeksha App


How To Download Nava Nirmana Deeksha App?

As I have already shared lots of information about this application. But if you are still in confusion and want to download and install the application but you want to know everything. So if you unsure about the details I have shared so you can visit its official website.

It’s time to download this app for free using 9apps or their official blog. You just have to tap on the download button which is placed at the bottom of the instructions. Once you have downloaded, install it.

The apk file of this application is not available at right now but for now, you can download it and install it directly from the external sources. Soon I will provide it’s APK file link so you would not have to worry and it will be easy for you to download and install it.

  1. First of all, visit Nava Nirmana Deeksha official website.
  2. Now, look out for the app you are searching for.
  3. Once you have found just tap on a downloadable button and download it.
  4. Once downloaded tap in install button and install it.

Stationhead APP | Stream And Download Music Online For Android

Stationhead App is an Android & iOS application for the music lovers. The app is developing mode when first it was introduced but for now, they have completely developed and released its official website and application. Stationhead is an awesome website and application and when it was released. Users started showing their love for this app.

And the app is so smooth and fast, with the help of this app users can download and stream online songs. Even they can buy music online by using this application and its website.

It was started trending on twitter and google when it was released and introduced to everyone. And thousands of people started using this app and getting impressed. Now singers can upload their song in this website and make some profit with it.

I am going to share everything about it, means how to download Stationhead app and how to install it in the different type of device. Even I will tell you how to download the app on your PC/Desktop too.

Stationhead APP

Make sure to read each and every single thing that I am going to share. You will get all the information you wanted for this application.

Features Of Stationhead APP

The feature of the app is awesome which will be revealed by me below. You can access all the features for free, you just have to buy the music even you can play them online and offline after downloaded.

  • Buy Music in High Quality with clear Audio.
  • If you don’t want to buy songs then you can also stream them online.
  • The song price will be very less, if you buy in bulk you will get some discount.
  • The application price is completely free, without any membership and extra charges.
  • You can enjoy the app on Android & iOS devices.
  • Even you can download and install it on your PC & Laptop.

I have already shared all of the features that they are developing and mentioned. If in case any of the features have been missed by me let me know I will update it with more extra knowledge.

Download Stationhead APP

How To Download & Install Stationhead App?

You have to download Stationhead app latest version, do not use any of old version for any of application, otherwise, you can miss a lot of features of it. You can download this app completely free from Play Store.

Even you can download and install the app on the iOS device which is released and already downloaded by millions of people from all over the world.

If you want to download Stationhead apk for your Android device, first of all, go to Play Store and Search for the application. Once found just open it and make sure the app you are going to download is a real one. Once confirmed then download it.

If you are downloading the app for the iOS device then visit iTunes store and do the first step as you have done for the Android mobile device. If the tutorial helped you then share it with others and also let others know about this awesome application.

Kimbho Apk | Ramdev Launched An Messaging Application

Baba Ramdev was mostly known by Patanjali and his awesome yoga Recently he launched a messaging Android application and he named it “Kimbho”. The app is completely released and competing to WhatsApp. At this time WhatsApp has over 1 billion downloads from Google Play Store. And this “swadeshi messaging platform” released for Indian users mainly. And when the app was released it was started getting thousands of hit.

As the game come into Android market no one thought that it can jump and roll over tweeter. As Ramdev released game his mission was started and he wants Indians to use Indian items only, that’s why he producing and releasing pure and deshi items for Indians.

Kimbho APK has same features as WhatsApp have. So basically he added everything that is available on Whatsapp, with the use of this application Indian users would love this APK and they will be using this Messaging app definitely. He also said soon he would release this Kimbho app for iOS/iPhone users too, so they can also enjoy and use this application.

Make sure to end use of the WhatsApp as soon as possible and be a desi guy like Baba Ramdev. There is much messaging application has been developed and released in Android market. And some of the apps have similar features as WhatsApp. If you are wishing to download Kimbho Apk then do not worry you can download it easily from play store.

Kimbho Apk

And if you do not know and don’t want to use play store for any reason then there is possibly a way to download Kimbho APK from apk stores or from its official website.

How To Download Kimbho APK?

Kimbho APK is very easy to download, you just have to visit our apk store or its official website to download it. Once you have found its official website go to the download apk section and download it for Android.

If still you are confused and want to download its apk file, then visit 9apps store and search for the application. Once you have found it just scroll down and search for the download link, and tap on the download button. This is so easy and working method used by many.

So now you have download Kimbho APK latest version and now its time to install it on your Android device. So just check out the below method/tips for installation.

Download Kimbho Apk

How To Install Kimbho Apk?

Ensure you have downloaded the latest version of Kimbho apk, so you can use its updated version. Once downloaded you have to use our simple and useful tips to install it.

  • Open the and search for the Kimbho application, and download it.
  • Once downloaded save it on your Device storage folder.
  • Now go to Device Settings > Security and make sure to tick mark on Unknown Sources.
  • Go to the location where the download apk file has been saved.
  • Open it, and click on install button.

So now you have successfully installed an updated and latest version of Kimbho. But if you want to use this application on your PC/Desktop and laptop then there is a very simple and easy way to use this on your Windows PC. The software name is bluestacks and you have to install it on your PC.

Now download Kimbho.apk file and double tap on it and make sure to open it with bluestacks installer and now you can enjoy this application on your Desktop PC too 🙂

Mobilism Market APK | Top Android APK Downloader Store

What Is  Mobilism Market APK?

No doubt Mobilism Market apk is one of the best and top Android application that helps you to download Free and Premium apps APK files completely free as compared to Google Play Store. As everyone knows play store is the top application store and popular among us. And they provide free and pro both apps and games.

But play store has awesome features and they also provide fast and secured applications. Even you can download and store apk files on your desired locations including google drive and cloud storage.

They also provide those applications which are not allowed and stored in play store. So if you are looking to download those applications then you are welcome anytime on this amazing and awesome app. They also have their own official website where they upload apps and games apk files.

features Of Mobilism Market APK

There are much and awesome features that are not available on any of other APK stores. Let’s check out the below.

  • Mobilism Market app is so easy to use and manage.
  • No any extra root application required during installation.
  • Premium applications completely free to download without any legal issue.
  • Update on daily basis, so you won’t miss any update related the latest version and newer update.
  • mirror links also available so you can download any files easily.
  • No crack, mods, and patched files.

Mobilism Market APK

Here I have mentioned all and each step which was very important to know. Make sure to download the Mobilism Market application from its official website or 9apps. Also, you can find the review about the app which is quite positive and everyone is happy when they visit on its application each time.

How To Download Mobilism Market APP?

Mobilism Market app is an APK store so it will be not available to download and install from any its competitor website. As you know Apk downloader website is not legal and they don’t allow any of the apps in their store which contains illegal stuff.

  • First of all, download Mobilism Market APK from 9apps or its official website.
  • And save it to any of the safe locations, so you can find it later easily.
  • Before you are downloading it, make sure to download the latest version of Mobilism Market.
  • After that, you have to install it, which is easy.

It’s time to install Mobilism Market apk you can check below I am going to share each step to install it safely. But in order to install, you have to enable unknown sources. And when the application installed, don’t forget to disable Unknown Sources for security reason.

Mobilism Market APP

  1. First of all, enable Unknown Sources by going to Device Settings And Security.
  2. Once you have enabled, locate the downloaded apk file.
  3. Click on it and tap on install.
  4. Once installed enjoy it.

Even you can download Mobilism Market for pc using an Android emulator. Blustacks is the best Android emulator and install it on your PC. Once installed right click on the download apk file and open it with the bluestacks installer. If you are looking to install or download it for iOS/iPhone device.

So it’s not possible as of now the application is not developed for iOS/Apple devices. But hope soon they release for iOS too. So right now you can use Desktop/Laptop to use this application.