Viper4Android Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android

What Is Viper4Android Apk ?

Viper4android is an sound equalizer apk. If your android mobile is rooted, maybe you already have heard about this app. Viper4android apk is very simple and it’s the best and amazing equalizer. You can configure its settings, when you use this app. Is is the best android apk file, that lets you change the functions of your android device. But this app comes with few limitation, in order to use this app you need a rooted android device. Many users think its not working, but in order to use this app they need to root their device.

viper4android apk

If you are a song (music) enthusiast, then you will love the output of audio that you will receive from this app. The apk file of viper4android is extremely easy to download and install it on your android mobile. The app is working with multiple version of android like kitkat, lollipop, marshmallow etc. Also we have tried this app in different type of mobile as samsung, nexus 6p, nexus 5, lg g3, lg g2, htc 10, galaxy s5, galaxy s4 etc. viper4android fx works in any type of android device.


Still you are not convinced, then let me list all the features that this equalizer have.

  • AnalogX
  • Spectrum Extensions
  • x86 Support
  • Speaker Optimization
  • Differential Surround / Haas Effect
  • Fidelity Control
  • Headphone Surround+ (VHS+)
  • Auditory System Protection (Cure Tech+)
  • It’s not possible to list everything. It’s such a long listing😛

Viper4Android Apk

viper4android apk

viper4android app is a audio controller that lets you manage the level of audio and more. But still you are confused, how you can download and install it in your android rooted device. We are here to tell you the exact way to install it on your device. The app is free to download, there are no hidden charge if you download it in your mobile. This app has many features, that are not available on other applications. viper4android profile have many profile setting, you can check them and set up them as you want.

9Apps Games Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android

About 9Apps Games

9apps games have millions of android games completely free. they created multi categories, in each category they have thousands of games. So you can make your smartphone better by installing some of games. i would share some of top games, that are ready to download and play them online of offline. In the past 2015, 2016 and 2017 most of the people’s have crush on playstation video games. but these days are differents, everyone have playstation games in their on mobile. With the help of 9aps games you can download top and hot games with fast speed.

9apps games

9aap games have many type of new 3d games, action, adventures etc. The benefit of using 9apps games you will get all the games for free. As play store have free and paid games, but in this app you will get only free games. They care of their users by providing them everything for free. You can download this games application in your android device or pc.


How to Download 9Apps Games

You can download this games applications for free, with the help of our way. just visit our our website and find the download section. you will get all the information you may need to know. There are all the information related package name, size, and version etc. There is an another button for download, just simple click on that and you will get an amazing games application with full of games.

There is an another option when you open 9apps games app. There sorted some of games according to users rating. and named them “top games”. in this game category you will get a lot top and best games.

9Apps Games

If you are new to gaming world and you are not able to download any games from 9apps games. Then use our simple steps to download and play them. First of all, search which game you want to have in your mobile phone. Then click on the game, and then you will see an option with download button. Click on the button and your game will start downloading. And the speed of downloading is quite fast than other apk store.

Media River Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android

About Media River Apk

Media river apk latest version gives you unlimited wallpapers, music, app and lot of other contents free. This app is downloaded by million of peoples in very short time. It works with all kind of android versions. Media river offers to download direct files from their own source, which is very helpful, safe and secure way. Sometimes they use third party website to download direct files, but they only use trusted third party websites. Also by downloading media river apk file you can save a lot internet data and time.

By downloading media river apk file latest version you will get uncountless high quality wallpapers. They have a lot of media files in their database. So they named it “Media River” . In other words they have a lot media collections who flows like a river. Many Type of files they have such as apps, music, books and many more. You won’t be able to get such kind of stuffs on other online stores.

Media River Apk

Media river app is very small and tiny, so it won’t take too much space in your android mobile. They have also an amazing features which is everybody wish to have. You can download any media file and save them in any of location you want. Even you can transfer the files to your memory card.

Download Media River Apk File

You can download media river apk file easily and quickly from our website . So using media river you can download any of media river files simply hitting of download button and its downloading speed more faster than other sources. There are no other store like this who provides such kind of media files at single place. Another thing is you can find your file using name, date and other options. always provides you safe and 100% secured version of any kind app and games with latest updated version. So you have not to worry about any kind of virus and malwares.

Media River App

Features Of Media River App

  • It is totally free of cost.
  • Easy to manage and use.
  • Download any file on single click with ease.
  • Many kind of musics, wallpapers and books are available.
  • Store the file to any destination where you want to have.
  • Fast and reliable.

Media river is a legal app and it is not available on google play store. But you can download its latest version from website.

Media River Download

Media River App Details

App Name Media River

File Size  3 MB

Uploaded Date September 19, 2017

Required Version Android 2.3 & above

Steps To Download Media River app

  1. Download media river apk file from our website.
  2. Locate the media app file and click on it.
  3. Some kind of security issue ? Go to setting > security.
  4. Now find Unknown Sources and tick on it.
  5. Tap on install button and then next.
  6. It’s now installed on your android device.

Media River Install

Media River Apk For Pc

Follow our some simple steps to download media river apk file to download and install in your pc. Bluestacks  is the first choice of million peoples. So go for it and install bluestacks in your pc. Bluestacks files is approx mb. It will take some of your times to download and install in your pc or laptop. Now the an other steps to use media apk for pc.

  1. First of all download the media river apk file in your pc or desktop.
  2. Now locate the Mediariver.apk file.
  3. Right click on it and open with Bluestacks Installer.
  4. It’s now installed in your bluestacks software.
  5. Open the Bluestacks software and find the media river and enjoy.

Lucky Patcher Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android

Lucky Patcher Apk

Everyone loves to play games and application, But sometimes we don’t get all the features. We need to pay them to activate all the features, that is why an app have been developed named lucky patcher apk. As you know on google play have paid or free both version. But in the free version they locked the some of the features. they unlock it after you purchase the pro version of that game or app. But using lucky patcher apk, you will get the freedom to use paid app or games for free. Lucky patcher only made for to modify any kind of games of app. Using this app you can use paid version for free, it means you don’t have to pay them to activate pro features.

Lucky Patcher Apk

using this lucky patcher apk free you can also hide annoying ads. When we play games we always see a pop after or bottom and top ads, which is so annoying. So you can hide those ads forever by editing that game. Lucky patcher have so many advanced features, that every android lovers wish to have them. You can do experiment by playing with any kind of game or app, by removing ads, change permission of application, create a backup of an app, get paid version free without purchasing them and many more features you will get after installing it in your android device. The amazing features is most of the features works with non rooted device, but for advanced features you need to root it with your android mobile. This app is compatible with android lollipop, marshmallow/iphone or ios devices too, also you can enjoy its in your pc or laptop.

Lucky Patcher Apk Download

Lucky Patcher Apk Features

Free In App Purchases: You will be able to get free any kind of paid games and apps. After installing lucky patcher apk you are able to use paid stuffs for free, likes coins, gems, lives and boost. lucky patcher can hack in-app purchases  of more than 80% of android applications or games available on google play store.

Remove Ads: get rid of any annoying ads display during playing games or using any android app. You can removes any kind off ads like google adsense ads or other network ads using lucky patcher apk.

Apps To SD Card: The android apps and games takes too much internal storage of device which can be moves to sd card using lucky patcher apk. By doing this will free up a lot internal storage or memory of your mobile.

Convert App to System App: Do you want keep any app or game permanently to your device, by using lucky patcher you can move your favorite app to system folder. Which is an another awesome feature of this app.

Remove License Verification: You have downloaded any paid app for free using lucky patcher apk but you are unable to access due to license verification issue. lucky patcher can helps to remove that licence verification in few seconds.

Backup/Restore App: Using lucky patcher apk you can create backup of all apps which can be saved to external storage device like pc/laptop, also you can store it to cloud or google drive for future use. You can restore its backup whenever you need them to restore it.

Lucky Patcher

Download Lucky Patcher Apk

By using our simple ways, you can download its latest version of app. There are many fake apps using its name, which can cause your device or hacks data. But you can download its original safe and secured version using our simple tips. first of all you have to do go to its official website to download its latest version. Or if you don’t want to visit its official website then you can download from our website 9apps, downloadable link given below.

Lucky Patcher Download

Install Lucky Patcher Apk:

When you download its latest version, you can install it by using our simple tactits. First of all find its apk file using your android device, after found it click on it. you will get an pop up related security issue. Tap on setting then security and tick on unknown sources. Then you have to click on next and then click on install. Now you have installed lucky patcher apk.

Tubemate Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android

About Tubemate Apk

Tubemate is a youtube downloader which is awesome and helpful app, you can use this app in order to download videos to your mobile device. By using this app you can download any type of videos from youtube without having any restrictions. Whenever you download any videos it will be saved in your mobile sd card, and you can access and  watch later. Tubemate apk can saves your lot of time and your favorite videos, you can download your favorite videos immediately. Want to search your favorite videos simple click on the green button located at the bottom of the app, and type any name of the video your want.

This app also gives you freedom to download your videos in different quality like Hd quality or any other resolutions. Tubemate apk is made it very simple and unique design which attract the users to browse it more and more. By using tubemate apk you can download youtube videos even you can download youtube movies too. In order to download youtube movies from tubemate you just simply have to type the name of the movies. and then click on it and download it using any format and quality you want.

Tubemate Apk

When you use tubemate download format which you selected you need an extra application to watch such type of videos. After downloaded the video it will be saved to your default sd card in your android device. Also you can move your favorite videos to separate folder, it will make it easy to locate your downloaded videos easily. Tubemate is very fastests and the most popular youtube video downloader. Also they provided many features like you can download youtube videos or you can share it with your friend or girlfriend 😀 .

You can also watch youtube videos online when its being downloaded in background. By using tubemate app you can also download convert videos to mp3 by using mp3 video converter. It helps you to download videos in mp3 format or as it as you want. Tubem8 app is a free application so don’t have to worry about it. tubemate application is totally free, then don’t charge anything from you. You can download and install it for free. To maintain tubemate d0wnloader cost they put some ads in it.

Tubemate Apk Download

Tubemate Apk Download

Tubemate apk version is the bestest youtube downloader to get videos in hd formats. But by using tubemate you can only download youtube videos in your android mobile or tablet. Tubemate also made an alternative version for windows to download (save) videos to windows pc. Tubemate is compatible with any kind of pc/desktop or laptop version. If you download and install tubemate in your or android device you can enjoy unlimited videos by watching them online or offline mode. You can also enjoy tubemate latest version with more features. In latest version of tubemate you download videos in many formats.

The steps of download and install tubemate app in your android device is being shared below.

  • First, you need to go to their official website to download its apk file or you can get one from
  • After that you need to locate its apk file in sd card of your android device.
  • When you located its apk file, just click on it.
  • Then you have to confirm security, by going to setting>security then tick on unknown sources.
  • Now just click on next and then install it, now you have installed its latest version of tubemate app.
  • Tubemate Latest Version

Tubemate Latest Version

If you have by mistakenly installed tubemate old version, and you want its latest version. So you don’t need to uninstall it in order to get tubemate latest version to your mobile phone. Simply go to tubemate setting option and click on update. You need to connect your wifi or mobile data to update its latest version.

Tubemate Download

Tubemate Download

There are many ways to tubemate download online by visiting or searching on google. If you are unable to find tubemate to download, then you can visit its official website to download. As you know youtube does not provide any option to download their videos. That is why you can’t find tubemate on google play. You can get it from our website or its official website.

Tubemate Youtube Downloader

Tubemate Youtube Downloader

From tubemate youtube downloader you can download youtube videos by searching any video name. You can simple have to put name of the video and click on search. When you found the video you want, click on it and download in hd quality or normal quality. You can also download it in many type of formats like .mp4 .flv .mp3 .wav etc. In tubemate youtube downloader you can either convert youtube video to mp3.

9Apps For Pc Latest Version Free Download For Android

About 9Apps For Pc

9Apps For Pc : Many peoples think that 9apps did not made any pc version of 9apps. But there are many way to use 9apps for pc without any trouble. You can use 9apps in your pc/desktop/windows 7/windows 8/windows 10, also you can use this app in your older pc version too like windows xp and 2012. By downloading 9apps for pc you can browser unlimited android games and applications in your pc. Many users searches about whatsapp to use it in their pc. but using our simple tips you can able to download and install any type of android apps and games in your pc.

9Apps For Pc

There are many benefits of using 9apps in your pc. You can play any android game in your pc without any problem. Also you can download & install as many as games you want. 9Apps have millions of games and apps in their database. It means you can’t be bored anymore. If you feel bored you can download any other games. 9apps have music, ringtones, themes and wallpapers.

Install 9Apps For Pc

First of all, download any best and supportive android emulator for your pc, desktop or laptop. Right now i am going to share some of top and best android emulators which is used and tested. Bluestacks is the top android emulator which is awesome and fastest.Genymotion and youwave also supportive software for your pc. You can try any of them, all the android emulator working for me already tested. When you successfully installed android emulator in your pc. Then next you have to download 9apps.apk file in browser of emulator.

9apps for pc

You can install 9apps by two different ways. First you can download 9apps.apk file using your chrome or mozilla browser. Then Locate the 9apps.apk file and drag and drop to your android emulator and it will be installed automatically, But sometime this option does not works with some of emulators.

Secondly, You need to open your emulator software and then open internet browser in it. and type our website and download 9apps.apk file. and when it will be downloaded, automatically will be installed on your emulator. If their is any kind of security issue then you can click on settings>security and tick on the unknown sources.


And now you have installed 9apps in your pc. You can even install other apps or games too. You can install whatsapp, wechat, clash of clans, candy crush and many more.

9Apps Install 2018 Latest Version Free Download For Android

9Apps Install

Are you looking to install 9apps latest version in your android mobile or pc. In 9apps have a lot incredible and amazing features. 9apps have a lot of images and wallpapers collection which you can use it on your mobile as a main screen wallpapers. they provides you music, songs, videos and many things. It means all entertainment at single place. Many times it happens when we think to download musics, videos, but we need to go various websites to find our favorite music or ringtones. According to 9apps they developed this app with all the features users want. And they provides you more features in future to make it more better an easier for their valuable users.

9apps install

Also they have many theme is 9apps which very beautiful and decent. it also have lot of amazing games and applications. this application is perfect for those game addicted lovers. Because in 9apps install have a lot of games collection like candy crush, temple run, teen patti etc. it has fast downloading speed without any disconnections problem, it works great with slow internet connections too.


You must try once because they have everything you want for entertainment purpose. it has many trending videos collections and music collections. The good thing is everything free to install, they don’t charge anything for downloading their favorite tracks, videos, games etc. I suggest you to download & install 9apps once you would love to play with it. If you want 9apps old version but you know sometimes it’s not possible we have to research a lot. But using Apkpure you can get its all history versions.

Install 9apps

How to Install 9Apps In Android

After downloading 9apps latest version you can install 9apps using our below steps

  • First download 9apps from our 9apps website.
  • Now you must locate downloaded file on your android device.
  • 9apps.apk is the file name when you found it, click on it
  • Click on setting > security because you have to confirm that this is safe file.
  • Now tick on the unknown sources box.
  • Tap on agree terms & condition box.
  • Now you have successfully installed 9apps secure version.

Apkpure Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android

About Apkpure Apk

Apkpure apk website designed in 2014 by apkpure team. And the apkpure website grown very fast in software industry. They wants to make it different from other play store so they added each details about published android apps and games. Also they provide all the latest and old versions. So sometimes it happens your android device only supports older version, but you by mistakenly update the latest version of app and it wont works after updating.

So you don’t need to worry or have to go anywhere to find the suitable version for your android mobile. Because Apkpure apk provides you history of old version for any apps or games. Also apkpure team always ready to help their users for any problem you face. If you are not able to download or install any app or games from its website or application then ask them to help you they are always ready to help you.

apkpure apk

What Is Apkpure Apk & Apkpure App

Apkpure app is so smooth and fast application all time, Apkpure has grown so fast in software industry just because of its different kind of features. They developed apkpure and they value of their users, So they developed apkpure app. In apkpure app you can save your time by not visiting the apkpure website. All features they have in their website provided in the apkpure app by apkpure team. This app is totally safe and secure, they don’t support modified or modded, hack apk files in the apkpure play store.

you can’t find apkpure app in play store because google play store no more supports app store apps. The Apkpure app always provides you quality apps and games for free. They don’t support paid version of any app or games. They gives you free apps and games for lifetime without any paid subscription of any games or applications. This app supports all type of android version/iphone/desktop and pc. Even you can search your favourite games and apps.

apkpure app

Apkpure is an apk downloader system, they only gives you .apk format  softwares which is downloadable and have to install manually. In apkpure have many features as play store have in their store. Like you can make a review on apkpure or give it ratings as u like. They have made different categories for different apps and games. Also provides you screen shot of inside of game. If You want to know more that game or app you play trailer too to know more.

How To Download Apkpure Apk File

If your are thinking to Download it’s apk file from google play store, The you are wrong because play store no more supports apk downloader applications in their store. So you need to go their official website to download their awesome apk file from their own store. Or you can simple visit our website to download its latest version of apkpure app from 9Apps. After downloading Apkpure app you can install it in your device and enjoy unlimited android apps and games for free.

apk pure apk

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My Jio Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android

About My Jio App

My jio app has been introduced by reliance industries limited. Reliance company developed jio 4g firstly in india. Now jio became number 1 company in india as compared other networks. Because they are providing very fast internet in very low rate. So you can enjoy unlimited music, games, apps, movies, videos and songs etc. the my jio app has already became popular on play store with 100+ million downloads. This app is only supports jio prime users, only jio users can use this app using their jio sim for free. myjio app already provided many features in their app so you no need to go any other site or browser to download your favorite programs and games or videos.

Ril launched 4g phone named “jiophone” for free. Reliance jio already started advance booking for “jiophone” from 15th august 2017. and the jiophone delivered in september to those pre booked clients. With the help of jio phone you can make video call and voice call to anyone with clean voice and clear video. My jio app has already introduced great features of its app, They have many features in  their old version and new version. They make it more better than older version for better experiences in every latest updated version with more features.

MyJio App Features

In myjio app have uncounted features which is very useful for myjio app users. This app version is safe and secure for future transaction. You can check my jio recharge option to recharge your mobile data or balance. Now you don’t have to worry about any best offer and latest update or upcoming news related jio sim. They do notify you with best offers and also you can check your remaining internet data and balance using myjio app. Even many of us don’t remember our mobile number so using this app we can know our number. It’s very secure and nobody can’t hack this app.

my jio apk

My Jio App Download For Android

My jio app download for android device is very easy and simple. You can download this my jio app for android using google play store or their official website. We are also offering its my jio apk file link download from 9apps. So you can download my jio apk latest and secure version from our website. Even we will tell you more ways to download this my gio apk file to you pc, desktop, windows 7/8/10 & windows phone.

my jio download

My Jio App For Pc

Downloading my jio app for pc is very easy as i have mentioned in my previous post. You need to download an android emulator software for that, You can use any emulator like bluestacks, youwave, Andy and many more. Its very simple first of all you need to download any android emulator online and then install it on your pc. Then search our website in emulator browser and download my jio and install it.

Install Myjio App On Android Or Pc

Installing myjio app on android and pc is very simple, Tap on downloaded apk file it will be redirected to installation box. now tap on install button, then go to setting > security and tick on unknown sources to install myjio app. Now you have installed the latest myjio app on your device. Same method apply on your pc using android emulator to install it. or drag the apk file and drop to android emulator. it will be installed itself or you need to install using our above tips.

Game Killer Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android

About Game Killer Apk

Game Killer Apk or Gamekiller is a best android app to modifies android apps and games data like coins, powers, speed, boost, gems etc. This is why developer named this game “Game Killer Apk” which means it kills the game for you and lets you win everytime. Game killer apk already famous in every corner of the world. This game already downloaded more than 10 million users worldwide and still its trending everywhere.

Game Killer Apk

Game Killer apk not available on Google Play Store because this game is made for hacking, this game hacks coins and change its value as you want. So play store does not like this kind of app contains hacks and mod. Game killer apk is very powerful application which can hack any kind of games and apps for you. This game is compatible with any kind of latest and old version of android Lollipop and Marshmallow. As you know this game is not available on play store, but you can download game killer full apk from our online website and its official website for latest version of game killer.

game killer app

What is Game Killer Apk ?

Game killer apk is the simple android app helps you to modify data of any kind of games and apps free of cost. There are no app with name of “Game killer pro” because this app is free of charge. Game killer apk is only made for fun however they shows minimum ads to in their app to maintain app cost and quality.

game killer apk

How To Install Game Killer On Android ?

Download The first game killer apk from our website or its official website.

  • First of all download the game killer apk file using above tips, or if you are downloading game killer app using pc then transfer apk file to your android device using bluetooth, wifi, whatsapp.
  • find the right apk file and tap on it.
  • You will get a pop up message of “install blocked” allow your device to download this app using tick on “unknown sources” by clicking on setting > security.
  • tap on install and game killer apk has been successfully installed on your device.
  • Now open the app and make an account for free.
  • Now open the any game and app you wanted to modify according to your choice.

How To Use Game Killer Apk On Android ?

  1. Open the game killer app on your android device.
  2. Now choose the game you wanted to modify and open it.
  3. While you playing game you will see the small transparent icon of game killer apk.
  4. Time to pause the game and check the coins and data you want to hack.
  5. Search the app app icon to change the value according to your choice.
  6. now tap on the auto identify, if single value appears then tap on it and modify as you want or search for the option for unique value.

Now you have successfully hacked or modified the game, those points, coins or score value will be added instantly.